The greatest workout for body and mind.... EVER!

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Charli’s classes are always so much fun. I love the fact that besides the variety, the pace, the workout and the fitness, I also get to learn so many new dance moves (like Salsa, Rumba, Reggaetron, Cha Cha, Bachata etc) without having to pay the cost of or find the time for separate classes. My sense of rhythm and coordination has improved dramatically so anyone who wants to keep their brain as busy as their body should come along and benefit from Charli’s excellent instruction.

Fitness has never been this much fun!


nothing compares


Just back from UK... I zumba-ed in London, Brighton, Stoke-on-Trent & Aberdeen, to name but a few... but nothing compares to our very special zumba instructor Charli! We are so lucky to have this special gem in our home town!!

Phyllis Pettitt

best thing I have done in a long time!

I started coming to Charli's classes almost 2 years ago now, and it has honestly been the best thing I have done in a long time! When I was younger I used to dance alot, but when I started Uni I stopped, and as a result I put on alot of weight. Imissed dancing and wanted to go back, but I felt too uncomfortable because I didn't want to perform in public anymore because of the weight I had put on. To solve my problem I set out on a search to find a zumba class that was not only good for weightloss, but one that was exciting, fun, had great music and dance moves and one that had plenty of variety. I tried alot of classes around Adelaide and was bored and disappointed with all of them.... until I found Charli!

Her classes are packed with fun routines, awesome music and her passion and genuine care towards everyone in her classes is what makes Studio Charli so special. I look forward to her classes every week not only because they are a great work out, but because they are so addictive and fun and a great escape at the end of a long day at the office! I have experienced so many positive changes in my life since I started coming to Studio Charli. I am fitter and more toned, I have more energy and motivation, I have made amazing new friends and of course, I have shed kilos along the way!!. I can’t thank Charli enough for the effort she puts into all her classes each week, they have truly had a massive impact on my entire lifestyle. Thank-you so much!

Christina Evangelou

LOVE LOVE love it!

Hey Charli,

Loving the classes at the moment!
All the new Zumba style class types you are adding in are just great! I never know what you have planned next, keeps me on my toes.


Charli's classes never fail

The last couple of years have been extremely challenging health wise, after many years of over work and not taking the time to do anything just for myself. I found Studio Charli and the amazing classes and can honestly say it has made a world of difference. It is evident the amount of time and effort Charli puts into each and every class and she is a continued source of inspiration. No matter how you feel beforehand, Charli's classes never fail to make you feel happier and more energised. For that hour or two you can forget about everything and just have some fun! Many thanks Charli!

Robyn Jones

excellent workout and good value

Jenny Hillbig

With Charli, you get variety, the benefit of her years of beautiful dancing, lots of fun (especially when you muck up) an excellent workout and good value.I am now so much more toned that I was 3 months ago. I am starting to lose weight and should be a Yummy Mummy by Xmas. (I wish).Thanks Charli

Jenny H.

I recently brought a friend from Perth to Charli's class. She had been doing zumba over on Perth for a couple of years. Afterward the class she told me that Charli was the best instructor she'd ever had and that the class format was fab!! Great feedback Charlie and of course I agree with all that!

Phyllis Pettitt

When I was little, I wanted to learn to dance so badly. I never had any illusions about being a professional dancer or anything like that - I just wanted to dance. After a lot of nagging, my parents enrolled me in a dance school and I was thrilled. With my little pink outfit and dance pumps, I never missed a class.After a couple of months only, the director of the school asked that I be removed from the school. I was obviously going to grow too tall and my hands were ugly - I would never be able to express myself with any elegance. It's now been nearly fifty years since my uncerimonious removal from anything to do with dancing. Now thanks to you Charli, I can dance. It was all I wanted to do. I dance like a frog in a blender, I have no co-ordination (when the class is moving south, I am off in a northerly direction) I still have short and pudgy hands. I never will be elegant. I never did grow tall, but I am dancing. I didn't really care about getting fitter and more toned - that is happening as a by-product. Thank you.

Jenny Randall


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