Have you been following The Biggest Loser? Then you know what hard work and determination can do! The newest season of the show just started – so maybe it is time for you to become the biggest loser too! How? Join Charli and Zumba your way to a brand new figure!

The Biggest Loser makes it look oh so easy – you are overweight, you get your diet & exercise plan, you stick to it and you lose all your excess weight. But those of us who tried it in real life know that it is not all that easy, is it? Diets do not always work, motivation can be a b**** and those cupcakes look so damn good… We know. We’ve all been there. But we also know there is another way.

Maybe you feel like you have tried everything – except for actually signing up for the Biggest Loser. Well, the applications are closed for this year and unless you want to wait a whole year to finally get fit, we have a crazy idea. Why not start now and lose all those kilos with us?

Zumba will melt your fat, strengthen your muscles, tone your body and make you so very happy. Trust us, we know. In addition, we also perform regular research on that topic: 99% of people leaving our studio after a Zumba class have a huge smile on their face so we must be doing something right!

All you have to do is try. All it takes to become a Zumba fanatic is one class. We promise. Once you start, you will keep coming back – not because you have to, but because you want to. Have you ever been looking forward to an exercise class? Yes, we know how silly it sounds, people look forward to cakes and reading magazines on the beach, not exercise – but Zumba will make it happen.

We are waiting for you – anytime you are ready to change your life and make it about a million times better (this is also a result of the above-mentioned research!). Just give it a try – what’s the worst thing that could happen?