I have always been a fit person who played team sports and was an active gym member despite struggling with numerous medical issues for the last 13yrs. I went through a particularly bad patch over the last 3yrs and was told to ease up on the gym and take it easy, even though I had gained more than 30kgs. Most of that weight was fluid and I felt lethargic all the time. My self esteem had taken a hit and I was fed up with feeling awful all the time. I was recommended Studio Charli by my mum and sister who had been going for a while and loved it. I had never been a fan of group fitness, and I had no idea what this ‘Zumba thing’ was so I was skeptical but gave it a go anyway. I had a blast and haven’t looked back since. Since my first class 8months ago I have lost more than 25kgs and I’m almost back to being as fit and strong as I was. Charli’s energy & enthusiasm is infectious, you cant help but have fun no matter what age you are or fitness level.

By Sara